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I want the lessons of my experience to enable and empower people to deal with the injustice and discrimination that impact their lives and consequently their performance in both academia and industry.

The reward of the trials and triumphs of my career is that I have lived to tell about it. If you would like me to speak at your event please contact me below. If you have a question or a particular issue you are facing, feel free to reach out. It is my hope that my experience can help younger professionals overcome and succeed.

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Recent Speaking Engagements


Presentation on Defining Moments, Guyana Embassy, Washington, D.C.; April 26, 2019.

Presentation to incoming students, Lehigh University; April 6, 2019.

3D Printing of Pharmaceuticals and Biologics to Address Unmet Medical Needs, presented at the Summit on 3DP for Pharma; December, 2018

Fostering Collaborative Innovation among Academia, Hospitals, and Industry. Presented at the Health Industry Forum in Beijing China; December, 2018

A Journey in Patient Centered BioInnovation, Howard Hughes Medicine Institute Visiting Scholar Lecture, presented at Lehigh University; October, 2018.

Case Study on Development of Allegra, Lehigh University, October, 2018

Current Speaking Engagements


August 15, 2019.  Guyana Consulate, New York, NY. Presentation and book signing. 

Details here.


From a friend…


“Over the years, when we worked together and after that, you continued to support my development and career. For that, I am grateful. Some of your past actions supporting me are now clearer to me, having read the book. Your actions were always better for the projects or the person/team that was meeting political resistance. This took a lot of courage and personal risk on your part. Kudos for living a life of courage and fairness.

As an immigrant and non-white, our paths can be full of obstacles and it is tempting to take the easy road to get ahead. What you have shown is that you don’t have to just fit the mold, but do what is right in the face of great personal risk. You will find your angels that will support you, and believe in you. In small ways, I have implemented this principle in my life as well.

Thank you for sharing your experiences, more importantly thank you for being a friend and a mentor.”

—Vijay B.


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